Holistic Health Care

Wellness for the Whole Family

What Can I Expect from this Program?

Health Care is a very personal issue. Our current system treats everyone with the same protocol. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and have different constitutions and personal issues. SO WHY DOES EVERYONE GET THE SAME MEDICATIONS?  In most cases your reflux is treated with an antacid, your blood pressure with a pill and your insomnia with a sleeping pill.  How about DEPRESSION.... "here is a pill to make you feel better"  What is the cause of the depression.? TRUE HEALING comes when you treat the root cause of the illness.


The Initial Visit takes about 60-90 minutes. Information is gathered and will be reviewed and analyzed. A Report Of Findings will be presented within a weeks time. The report will lay out a plan of action, in which you are the given suggestions and guidelines to begin the healing process.  Recommendations regarding nutrition, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, exercise, relaxation and stress reduction techniques as well as other possible therapies like chiropractic, massage, and so on.  Each person has specific needs and abilities. The plan will be customized to meet the likes and needs of the individual. You then choose what you feel you can do and we begin the process of healing with you in charge but a strong COACH at your side.


The suggested series of therapy sessions is a minimum of 10 follow up sessions of 60 minutes each. My expectation is to see positive changes in this time frame. Better energy, restful sleep and overall less pain and much less stress. The visits can be over several months depending on the acuity of the situation and the progress the patient is experiencing.  Once the healing is accomplished suggested  "CHECK UP" visits are recommended to help you maintain your NEW HEALTHY BODY !